Escorts wars in London

All of this talk about VIP escorts in London really gets on my nerves, says Vina from a cheap London escorts services. You would have though that every gents in London has tons of money to date top class escorts but this is not always the way. Also, it sounds a bit like VIP and elite escorts, are the only girls worth of having a date in London. It makes my blood boil, and I am pretty sure that a lot of cheap London escorts services, do not shout about themselves at all. We need to start to change and go with the times.

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Cheap London Escorts
Sexy Cheap London Escorts

In my opinion, cheap London escorts services are every bit as good as more expensive escort services. The problem is that it is a lot easier to find top class London escort agencies as they promote themselves a lot more. That is really the entire problem, and then we have the thing about location as well. But, the truth is that many parts of north and east London are quickly becoming just as exclusive as central London, and there are some really good quality escorts agencies located in north and east London as well.

What we really do is to shout about ourselves a lot more. Lots of the VIP services promote themselves online a lot and we never seem to be able to do that. I personally blame a lot of the bosses who run cheap escorts services. They are probably doing quite well, but the vast majority of them do not put any money back into the business. If, they spend some of the cash they earned on promoting their escorts services, lots more gents across London, would date escorts from cheaper agencies. We really do need to get a bit smarter.

Why are we different?

The main difference between cheap London escorts services and top class London escort services, is the address. We are based in the east London which is always perceived to be cheaper. That does not mean that we date cheaper gents if you like. Many of the gents that I date on a regular basis work in places like the City of London. Obviously, they are will paid and appreciate a class escort service and that is what they get from most escorts agencies in the east of London. It is so easy to tar all escorts agencies outside the center of London with one brush.

I am sure than many top London escorts just think that they can charge more because they are based in places like Mayfair and Kensington. Believe me, the service that you get is not that much different, and many of the top girls used to work as cheap London escorts before they joined the VIP agencies. I know some of these girls and many of them do not earn as much as us. They pay a small fortune for their boudoirs and their dates always expect the best. Some of them make a lot less money than I do.

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Cheap London Escorts
Sexy and Cheap London Escorts

I have been working for this cheap London escorts service for two years now, and during that time, the boss has not updated the web site. The top agencies update their web sites all of the time and that makes a huge difference. If you check out some of the photos of the top escorts agencies here in London, you will see that all of the girls have been photographed by professionals. I am sure that if our boss did the same thing, the perception of our agency would change. We would not any longer be seen as a cheap London escort services.

Another thing that we should do, is to start to promote our service. There are plenty of web sites out there on the Internet which are happy to accept advertising from escorts services. If we started to do that, at least our name would get out and gents would know that we exist. All they would see is the name of our agency, and start to appreciate that cheap does not mean tacky. With some nice photos of all of the girls, things would soon change, I am sure of that.

Stuck in a rut

At the moment it feels like our cheap London escorts services is stuck in a rut. We are always doing the same thing and not moving on at all. All of the top agencies have fully taken onboard new dating styles such as escorts for couples and duo dating. I am not so sure that a lot of locals would appreciate duo dating, but I do know that a lot of young gents visiting London would give it a go. It seems to be very popular in other parts of London, so why can it not be popular in this part of London as well?

Escorts for couples is another thing that we should be taking a look at as swinging is now really in. I know lots of couples who swing and they sometimes like to take a spare pair of hands with them. Bisexuality is a big thing and some bisexual couples do like to be joined by an escort from time to time. These are just two of the things that we could do to appear like a more professional and more upmarket escorts service. It would just take some figuring out.

At the end of the day, I would rather work for a cheap London escorts service than have to work in the center of London. I am not so sure that I would be able to stand all of the hassle of getting in and out of the center of London for starters, and I don’t that I would make a lot more money. The thing is, I have worked here for such a long time and I like it here. My dating diary is mostly full all of the time, and I do adore most of my gents.